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In the Mix
Director - Andrew Jarecki, Cast: Robert Durst, Andrew Jarecki

The Skinny in 10 words
"Uber rich NYC mogul; so much smoke where's the fire?

The Quote
"All my life I've had more money than I can spend and it didn't make me happy" - Robert Durst

The Beef
Right. Strap yourselves in because I have a game changer for you.

First things first. Did you see the podcast sensation, Serial, No?? WTF, go listen to it now you idiot! Well finish reading this first then go listen, pffft.
Oh you have listened to it... Good wasn't it?!

Serial blew peoples minds in a never been done before format of real crime investigative journalism that has the potential to actually change current court decisions not just looking back historically. The Jinx brings this style to the TV screen in an HBO 6 part documentary mini-series and in case you haven't guessed it yet, it's damn addictive and super awesome! I was on holiday in a rained out villa when I stumbled across this and if I hadn't been I probably would have had to call in sick at work.

It's that good.

Andrew Jarecki is the man behind The Jinx and how it came about is just as peculiar as the story itself, so pay attention. The Director & film-maker made a disturbing but brilliant documentary back in 2003 Capturing the Friedmans. He then went on to make the fictional film All Good Things (Gosling, Dunst) based on a famous NYC unsolved murder case involving Robert Durst, one of the richest property tycoons in New York. Following the cinema release of the film the real Robert Durst contacted Andrew Jarecki to be interviewed about the film and to give his side of the story. And The Jinx documentary mini-series was born...

WARNING: Don't google any of those names or you are likely to be splashed with a page title giving a spoiler away!

This man has been linked to not one, not two but THREE separate murders spanning 30 years yet has been walking totally free and without blame.

Thats all you are getting from me on the plot details and certainly NO SPOILERS. What I will say is this piece of film-making is rare. It combines real life footage from news items around the key dates and present day interviews with key players involved both back in 1982, 2000 and 2001. However you genuinely do not know which way the pendulum of truth is going to swing from one episode to the next.

Hindsight is a great thing and usually you would have modern day interviews where they say I always knew X and Y in full knowledge that a definite action had taken place. BUT you must remember that throughout the entire series there is still so much unknown. No one has cold hard facts or any closure, so still 30 years on you can see the pain and anguish and in other cases just out right  bemusement in those interviewed that these events are still unresolved.

Popcorn or Pie
Robert Durst, NYC multimillionaire has lived an almost hermit-like lifestyle for most of his life. His past is very much chequered yet he has never spoken with the media and then for apparently no reason, he does. What started out as a subject matter for a fictional film release like hundreds before it turns into one of the best television documentary series you are likely to see for a very long time.

Say What?: The Durst Corporation manages One World Trade Centre and Robert Durst's net worth is believed to be between $100 & $110 million.

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