The Walk Review


In The Mix
Director - Robert Zemeckis, Writer - Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Browne, Cast - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon, Ben Kingsley

The 10 Word Skinny
"Philippe Petit meets P├ępe Le Pew between the twin towers"

The Quote
"I lost my turtleneck!"

The Beef
Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) gives a light hearted take on the famous 1974 tight rope walk by frenchman Philippe Petit between the yet to be completed World Trade Centre's Twin Towers. 

If you have seen the excellent documentary on this true story of the historical feat, "Man on Wire" you will, like me, be left wondering for most of this film, why bother?

The Hollywood treatment on a true story told by the very talented and likeable Joseph Gordon-Levitt (playing the lead Phillipe Petit) serves up cheesy narration techniques via pieces to camera atop the Statue of Liberty in his French accented English. The real Philippe Petit is well known for not being the easiest of characters to put it lightly and Gordon-Levitt's interactions with the rest of the bit cast are not the stuff of great cinema. The exception being the mentor/pupil relationship between him and legendary Ben Kingsley's high wire circus leader. 

So far you may be wondering why the 65% then??? Well that is to leave the best till last, the reason this film exists is to highlight the only thing the documentary of the real event could not. 

From man on wire to camera on wire...

The camera work during the walk itself is breath taking, this was made for 3D and IMAX. Zemeckis gives us an almost immersive experience in its use of cinematography, camera angles and his play on height to wow the audience at the might of this act of bravery and skill.

Not one for heights myself this really does make you a little green around the gills on a few occasions. Your breath will quite literally be taken away. Not an easy feat in the movie theatre.

Zemeckis and Gordon-Levitt's film attempts to inject the fun into this caper and it does just that. Let's face it, a story of an illegal all night break in to the world trade centre to walk on a tight rope between the two largest buildings in the world (at the time) is always going to be worth seeing.

Popcorn or Pie
Is this going to win any awards? Not likely unless for the camera work in the tightrope walk scenes. However this a fun night out at the cinema or on the sofa on DVD. Netflix and chill turned Netflix and thrill by this happy ending. 

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