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In the Mix
Creators & Writers - Aziz Ansari, Alan Yang, Cast - Aziz Ansari, Noël Wells, Lena Waithe, Eric Wareheim, Kelvin Yu, Claire Daines (guest star)

The Skinny in 10 words
"Single, 30-ish Indian actor seeks soulmate in the modern world"

The Quote
"You see the Social Network? The Indian guy is a white guy! They used brown face make-up."
"No, no I read that he's 1/16th Indian."
"We're all 1/16th something!! I'm probably 1/16th black, you think they're gonna let me play, Blade?"

The Beef
This show is brilliantly funny and made for the internet age.

Lets get that out there straight off the bat. This is going to be a monster hit! It is not in the same style of but nether the less makes me think of The Office meets Lena Dunham's Girls. Observational humour at its finest and it really works.

I've always loved the few things I've seen of stand up comic, Aziz Ansari, and for the American audience you will know this guy very, very well as he has seemingly done it all. Sold out stand up shows at Madison Square gardens and Carnegie Hall, appeared in Scrubs, Parks and Recreation, This is the End, Funny People the list goes on and on. He even published a New Yorks Times Best Selling book Modern Romance. This is one smart cookie not just a funny one. For me, his cameo in Funny People had me re-watching the scenes on Sky+ over and over. Damn, I loved that film.

In fact lets watch the clip right now. I need a fix of Randy the over confident stand up comic. And yes you can watch this with no reference to the rest of the movie and it won't ruin a future full viewing whatsoever. Just humour me and watch it and how funny it is... Thanks.


Anyway, so that guy, Aziz Ansari, for those of you who weren't paying attention earlier, has created his own show (writer, actor and he directed two episodes) for Netflix. And yes this means you will binge watch all ten episodes inside of 10 days I guarantee it.

The story in short:
Dev is a 30 something American of Indian background, living in New York. He is a small time actor, working commercials with no real big dreams of breaking Hollywood. The show spans his attempts at pointing out the stereotypes given to Indian actors in the TV and film world. His making fun of these out dated views in an attempt to try to expel them (Again this is done to very clever comic effect without it seeming corny or cheap). His single status allows for the real humour of the show to come through though via various dates gone wrong and girlfriend hurdles to overcome. All very relatable stuff for any avid viewer.

While, Aziz, is a world famous stand up, it is not all about easy laughs and witty one liners. The show has so much depth and actually deals with so many real life scenarios which is where the observational humour is just killer TV. We have all been in the awkward first date scenario or have had the date from hell scenario relayed to us by our friends. I mean should you really take a girl on a romantic weekend away for your first date??

I need to point out that this is by no means a one man show, the cast are all brilliant in this from the Claire Daines cameo to Dev's parents played by Aziz's real life parents. Much in the way The Office allows for everyone to have their favourite character, as will this series. Noël Wells plays Rachel, Dev's on again off again girlfriend with such style and screen presence that the two of them are at their best when going toe to toe.

Eric Wareheim who has gained much praise in the US with his various TV series of shorts Tim and Eric, is Arnold, Dev's best friend and social hand grenade, a role he has down to a T. There are too many hysterical in depth discussions between the best friends, Dev and Arnold, to mention but the deconstruction of a lyric in Eminem's 8 mile as they each argue over the true meaning, sticks out in my mind. Genius.

In fact, Arnold, is the token white guy in the series, and this is not by accident. Aziz, has used the well trodden Hollywood landscape of the TV show layout to turn the traditional dynamic on its head to brilliant effect. I'll let you discover the rest of the characters on your own. Subtly enticing you in.... Good job.

Popcorn or Pie
You know you've done all your TV series and have had the "what's next to watch?" convo with at least two friends this month. This is it people! Its Netflix, its binge viewing 101 laid up on a plate for you. You will laugh, smile, nod your head in agreement and just plain enjoy it. Not every episode is going to make you cry with laughter but the ones that don't will still carry a strong enough story line and intrigue to keep you wanting more. What, Aziz, has done to set this apart from the competition is to make this show all about the incredibly unique modern problems and scenarios we now live in. Awards will beckon and a second season will happen, I'm sure of it.

Say What?: 
Of the first five words in the series, four of them are "fuck".

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