Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - Sneak Peak Trailer

Batman V Superman - Exclusive Sneak Trailer

A trailer of a trailer effectively but hey its more footage so sign me up!

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War trailer landed last week where we saw goody two red-white-and-blue shoes turning on his old pal Iron Man in a decidedly dark turn of events. 

DC comics have in turned released a sneak peak of the latest trailer that will be aired on Weds 2 Dec on Jimmy Kimmel. Here we are given more reason to believe the rumours that Old Supes has indeed gone down a darker path into some form of evil overlord (bowing henchman and all). Ben Afleck is unmasked as Batman (again) by a very angry looking Son of Jor-El, although various fan theories circulate about if Afleck is in fact Bruce Wayne and not a new character who has taken on the Batman mantle. This will all lead up to a Justice League film (Wonder Woman has been confirmed in Batman V Superman so the universe is expanding). Exciting times!

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