10 Cloverfield Lane - New Trailer from JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams is a very busy boy these days!!! Not satisfied with having directed the third biggest grossing film of all time (at time of going to press) Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His production company Bad Robot  has just dropped a surprise trailer for a new Cloverfield movie, 10 Cloverfield Lane. This has blindsided the entire industry in typical Abrams fashion by doing the old switcheroo on us. How so?

Last year it was announced that Abrams would be producing a movie called Valencia, with newcomer Dan Trachtenberg in the director's chair (he is a newcomer having made a short movie Portal: No Escape).

You can watch the short here.

This was in fact all a ruse, Valencia is in fact a new Cloverfield film which was the 2008 found footage film (Matt Reeves). This is NOT A SEQUEL but it is in the same universe. Details are sketchy but the story so far is a girl (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up from a car crash in an underground bunker, imprisoned by John Goodman and his family following a nuclear attack.

US release date set for March 11. UK release date TBC.

Check out the trailer courtesy of Paramount below.

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