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In the Mix
Director: Tim Miller, Writer: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Based on characters created by: Fabian Nicieza,  Rob Liefeld, Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, T.J Miller

The Ten Word Skinny
"Marvel goes all X rated X-Men and Ryan Reynolds Wins."

The Quote 
Deadpool: So by now you're probably thinking "whose balls did I have to fondle to get my own movie? I'll give you a hint - it rhymes with "Polverine". And he's got big ones!"

The Beef 
After two failed attempts to crack the superhero game, Ryan Reynolds finally delivers in this R rated comedy whilst simultaneously taking the mickey out of the entire genre; Green Lantern be gone!

Everything about this film screamed "don't do it, it's going to be rubbish".  Despite the warning signs, Ryan Reynolds continued with this superhero Hail Mary pass to erase the green glowing car crash that was 2011's Green Lantern. And unbelievably he only went and pulled it off didn't he! This film is a rare feat of comedy and self deprecating humour that takes aim at all comic book creations from X-Men to Green Lantern and even out of Ryan Reynolds himself.

The Story in Short 
Wade Wilson, ex special forces turned mercenary, undergoes an experimental treatment as a last ditch effort to cure his cancer and be with the love of his life. The result is a superhero who is almost indestructible but severely disfigured. Cue a non-stop barrage of sexual innuendos and comic book references.

With one of the smartest movie marketing campaigns we've seen in years, this movie made it's intentions clear. This is going to be a different kind of superhero movie. From the constant 30 second TV spots at key calendar dates to the brilliant viral social media stunt advertising the film on a huge billboard via Emoji.

Then the final nail in the coffin that made us take our hats off to the studio execs at Fox, the romantic comedy spoof advertising to coincide with the Valentine's day weekend release date. Once again proving that having a sense of humour even in matters of big budgets will often see you good.

The movie's sense of humour isn't just a marketing success, it is a box office smash too. The film has already broken records; the first movie ever to take more than $100 million in a single February weekend at the domestic box office as well as the biggest R rated movie opening of all time (previously held by The Matrix: Reloaded). In the US R Rated is age 17 and above while here in the UK they managed to cleverly avoid an 18 rating and gain a 15 age rating.

Enough facts, statto, I hear you say... What about the actual film? Ok! Well, there isn't a lot to it to be totally honest. It is a series of brilliantly executed and quick fired one liners, stupid yet funny sexual innuendos and a Ryan Reynolds return to form that carries this film from the mundane to the Marvel-ous (see what I did there, aren't I clever). After a horrible first outing as Deadpool in X-Men: Wolverine, it seems Reynolds' perseverance has paid off and could even see him have a career resurrection likened to Robert Downey Jr and Iron Man! The romantic interest, Vanessa, played brilliantly and with some serious sex appeal by Morena Baccarin, is also the perfect yin to Ryan Reynolds' wang. (hey if you don't like that you are in for a long 90 mins of penis references :))

I do feel though that not everyone is going to be loving this film however, particularly the non comic book loving female cinema fans. Before you scream, sexist, let me explain. I took my girlfriend and a big group of friends. All the girls did love it and thought it nailed the right type of funny however I suspect that anyone who is not a fan of or at least willing to entertain the comic book genre will struggle to see this as anything more than 20 mins of laugh out loud moments with 100 plus dick jokes as a little excessive.

There also isn't much in the way of a story line. Deadpool's dialogue and breaking the fourth wall with his pieces to camera mean that story isn't really a top priority. Reynolds is in his element as the wise cracking no holds barred alternative comic book hero and he does enough to make the film move swiftly along other than a very dry 10 minute period at the midway point. Taking away his notorious movie star good looks for this role again makes for perfect casting as it gives all the attention to his comedic abilities. Remember him as the skinny, loveable loser, "Berg" in Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place? Yeah, that guy is back, baby!

There are no world-ending baddies to stop, no menacing super villains or even a plot to take over the world by devaluing the price of gold... And there in lies the weakest part of the movie, a pretty boring bad guy in Englishman, Ed Skrein's Ajax. The laughs do come pretty thick and fast though at the expense of Ajax's brilliant female henchman, Angel Dust (Fast & Furios 6's Gina Carano) the best of the lot, "I feel sorry for the guy that pressures her into prom sex."

Popcorn or Pie 
In a seriously over populated superhero movie landscape, Deadpool, is a welcome addition as a colourful alternative to the serious black and white instalments currently on offer. I think this will still err to the super fans and geeks but provides enough light entertainment to amuse the average cinema goer. It has managed a rare feat and should be commended for doing so it a mine field of a market place. Let's hope the inevitable sequel can keep up with the impressive debut. Oh and stay behind after the credits for one of the best scenes of the movie with its very own post credit sneak peek with familiar undertones for any John Hughes fans. ;)

Say What?
Leaked test footage of the film is widely credited as being the catalyst to bring this long shot to life after fans had a huge positive reaction to it and took to social media.
Watch Test Footage HERE

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