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Dirty Grandpa


As always I can promise you there are ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS in this review!

In the Mix
Director - Dan Mazer
Writer - John Phillips
Cast - Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Zoey Deutch, Aubrey Plaza, Jason Mantzoukas, Adam Pally, Julianne Hough

The Ten Word Skinny
"Widowed grandpa wants sex and to save his boring grandson
"De Niro says f*** A LOT & Zac Efron's a pussy"

The Quote 
Dick Kelly (De Niro): "Party till you're pregnant".

The Beef
This movie feels like a straight to DVD release in every single way except for the weird fact that you have Robert "You talking to me?" De Niro and Zac "I heart comedies and taking my shirt off" Efron at the helm.

This is another take on the buddy movie and don't get me wrong, if watching at home on the sofa it isn't so bad that you would turn it off but it sure as hell isn't good!

The Story in Short
Uptight, Jason (Efron) is one week from away from marrying his controlling fiance (Hough) and completing the perfect picket fence life his father has laid out for him. At his grandmother's funeral, Jason's grandfather, Dick (De Niro), cons him into a road trip to spring break under the guise of playing golf. Cue hilarity... Or not as the case maybe. Wow, even that summary sounded boring and it's meant to be a comedy!

A famous film journalist witnessed a member of the audience get up and walk out of a film after only the trailers. He commented on how he was so impressed with this person's ability to judge the caliber of the film he was about to see based entirely on the quality of the trailers.

This story came flooding back to me after the trailers for the new Sacha Baron Cohen film Grimsby and the Point Break remake had graced the screen. I had a horrible feeling that perhaps Rotten Tomatoes 6% rating was not going to be wrong....

The number one premise the writer and director have gone for here is that Robert De Niro saying f*** every other sentence and flirting with 18-year-olds will be hilarious.

It isn't.

Having said that I did laugh out loud on quite a few occasions as there are some seriously X-rated moments that you can't help but enjoy. De Niro is effectively playing a Jonah Hill character in his 70's which like a slow motion car crash you can't stop watching.

This is writer John Phillips' first ever screenplay and director, Dan Mazer's only real work of note outside of the Ali G's TV series back in 2003... Let's just say I can't see this launching either of them into the Oscars race next year!

This will, however, appeal to a select few. I quote the 20 something behind me in the cinema who felt it was with a sixth sense-like ability to correctly predict the ending to a sentence on two separate occasions. Her verdict as we emerged from Screen 7, "I haven't laughed that much in facking ages!!" Who knows maybe this movie will, in fact, break even at the box office with sharp insight like this.

"De Niro, still trying his best to undo years of hard work"

The film is rated 15 meaning boys under this age will genuinely enjoy it. It has women in bikinis, talking dirty or hammered drunk while performing sex acts for at least 50% of its 1 hour 42 min duration. Watching the highly regarded, comedian/actress Aubrey Plaza in jean shorts that Mariah would be proud of, while handstand riding De Niro's character in a nightclub will have anyone uncontrollably laughing.

Efron's character is the least enjoyable part of this film. We get the whole Freaky Friday thing; Dick,  is single and looks like your grandpa. Jason is young, with a nagging fiance and looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. But....  THIS IS BORING TO WATCH!

Zac Efron is the new OLD Matthew McConnaughey, that is to say, just as McConaughey retired his "all right all right all right's" and entered into the realm of Oscar winner. Efron has taken up his mantle. Screwball comedy in need of a good looking guy to take his shirt off and flex for laughs? Enter Efron: alright, alright, alright!

There is only so many times I can watch De Niro shove his thumb up his grandson's butt (a clever sign of how uptight he is I imagine) before I'm wondering who the hell thought this film was a good idea to be made and on a global scale!

At one point De Niro's character has his naked penis taking up half the screen in a close up as it is poked towards his grandson's face.... (a penis double one assumes though what he will do for money these days who the hell knows) That is the level of comedy we are talking here.

Popcorn or Pie
Whatever you do DO NOT GO SEE THIS FILM AT THE CINEMA. If you are bored in 3 months time with perhaps a small illness in bed, go for it, there are some laughs to be had. I didn't hate it but it just felt like the tagline for this movie should have read, "De Niro, still trying his best to undo years of hard work." This is the same man that won two Oscars for Raging Bull and The Godfather: part II. He was in two of my favourite crime movies, Goodfellas, and Heat. When is it time to say wait, my legacy is in jeopardy here? Efron will continue down this path with Baywatch and Neighbours 2 but he may well come out the other side. As for, De Niro, someone call this guy a taxi!

A film I recommend you watch in place of this is Nice Guy Johnny, written, directed and starring Edward Burns which is an incredible indie film. This movie has a very similar opening premise only without the attempt to go down the X-rated penises-drawn-on-faces-when-asleep angle.

Check out the trailer for Nice Guy Jonny below.

Say What?: 
Michael Douglas and Jeff Bridges were considered for the role of Dick Kelly.
Aubrey Plaza was 31 years old when filming this movie where she portrays a 21-year-old college student.

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