Pete's Dragon (2016) Trailer

Pete's Dragon (2016)
Disney continues to up the ante with its non-stop release schedule with particular emphasis on remakes, reboots and sequels. This time Disney's attention is turned towards the children's film Pete's Dragon from 1977.

The live-action and animated musical film was set in the 1900s and this version has been given a modern update (well, the 80s this time). Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard and Oona Lawrence star where a park ranger and her father discover a ten year old boy has been living alone in the woods for the past six years. Although, he reveals he has in fact not been alone as he had his best friend with him, Elliot who just happens to be a giant invisible dragon!

Directed by relative unkown, David Lowery expect a nod to the days of E.T and a hope to capture classic Speilberg style 1980s storytelling.

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Check out the trailer for Pete's Dragon 2016 below.

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