First Trailer for Marvel's Doctor Strange (2016) has arrived!

Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

Another day another superhero trailer arrives! This time it is DC's bigger movie universe brother, Marvel with Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange.

Here we are treated to the man that will become Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange's origin story. In case you don't know it: Talented New York surgeon Stephen Strange is badly injured in a car accident. Desperate to find an answer to his troubles he turns to The Ancient One, a mystic healer played by Tilda Swinton (think Morpheus meets Mr Miyagi). Here she shows him powers to worlds portrayed in Inception style mind bending reality. Think Ant-Man's dramatic ending about 4th dimensions and you are on the right track.

Little is known about the rest other than Mads Mikkelsen plays the baddie and Rachel McAdams as a New York medic. Bring on the strange as this film looks to have plenty! Scott Derrickson directs and expect the full 3D experience for this one to enhance all those realities and quantam realms.

Is it me or does anyone else feel like they missed a trick here by not having The Doors - People are Strange playing over this trailer to great effect?! Given the impact of DC's use of Queen for Suicide Squad it makes you wonder....

October 28 in UK and November 2016 in the US is when this will see the light of day in an already full to the brim superhero schedule for the year!

Watch the trailer below.

Anybody order a Loveburger??? WELL DONE.

Have I missed something? Tell me I want to know!!!!

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