This Week's MUST-ard SEE - April 1 2016

The one MUST SEE in each category THIS WEEK in ONE PLACE

"Anybody order a Loveburger? WELL DONE."

The Cinema Trip

Eddie the Eagle - Dexter Fletcher

That bloke everyone is raving about from Kingsman: The Secret Service and is heavily linked to the Han Solo movie (Taron Eggerton) with that Aussie legend from The Wolverine, X-Men and Les Miserables to name but a few (Hugh Jackman). Doing a... Ski-ing film????? Really!!! Yes, despite the left field premise, the British icon that was a tribute to being distinctly average, Eddie the Eagle has gone and got himself his own movie! And even more unbelievable is that it is actually quite good! 77% from our friends at Rotten Tomates. Think Cool Runnings with less running.

The Horror One

The Witch - Robert Eggers

Now you may or may not know that I am a big girl when it comes to horror films, in fact, I am even worse than that but this one has had rave reviews so if you like to scare yourself silly. I think this is the film for you. Set in New England in the 1860s, a family is torn apart by all things dark and demonic. Witchcraft, Black Magic, and Possesion..... Sounds like fun for all the family if you ask me. Let me know how it was..... 

The TV Series

The Walking Dead (Sky Atlantic) 

This has been consistently the most edge of your seat show on TV for many, many years. This last series seems to have ramped up the stakes on every level and now it is causing such outrageous plot twists that the main star, Andrew Lincoln was even refused his morning coffee by the local barrista, such was their outrage at his actions..... What a hero!

Season 6 comes to an end with a 90-minute finale episode on Monday for those in the UK or Sunday for our American readers. So you have time to catch up on the last few episodes if you are behind or indeed all the time in the world to start this epic adventure from the beginning if you are yet to take the plunge! Also check out the sister series Fear The Walking Dead too and is only 6 episodes so is a great side story.


Spectre - Sam Mendes

If we are to believe the rumours, this was the last time the white tuxedo would be worn by Daniel Craig. The film received a lot of unfair criticism on its release for it not being enough Bond. You have  rogue missions, evil organisations, glamorous women and a killer baddie in Christoph Waltz. Plus the plot ties in nicely with previous James Bond movies in the Daniel Craig era. Sounds pretty damn Bond to me guys! If this is to be the end of this four movie arc I think it went out with a bang and Daniel Craig has done enough to rival Sean Connery's crown as the best James Bond. Either way, it is a far cry from the Pierce Brosnan days of the heavily Americanised "Band, James Band." 007 out.

The Trailer

Everybody Wants Some - Richard Linklater

This film looks to deliver a welcome celebration of the college comedy movie. A genre which in the right hands is an absolute winner, winner chicken dinner! After Richard Linklater's worldwide cult hit Dazed and Confused, fans have craved a second helping of the screwball nostalgic comedy. Well you got your wish in what is widely being considered a follow up film to it. While you're are at it if you didn't see Linklater's groundbreaking Boyhood filmed over 12 years with the same actors. Who does that? This guy, that's who!!! April 1st USA, May 13th UK Release Date

The Book

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

OK, sci-fi geeks and children of the 80s HAVE I GOT A NOVEL FOR YOU!!! This has already been snapped up by Steve Spielberg and slated for film production in Spring 2016. In the year 2044, Wade Watts is the unlikely hero of the story where the world spends 90% of their time inside an online VR reality called the OASIS. He attempts to solve the treasure hunt left by its creator which revolves around the creator's love of the 1980s and computer games. Think Steve Jobs meets Bill Gates.

This novel blew my mind and it isn't just for nerds, anyone with a love for pop culture will enjoy this. Prefer to listen to your novel? The audiobook is read by Will Wheaton and is the perfect narrator for the terrain involved. The film has a cast rumoured to include Simon Pegg, Elle Fanning and Tye Sheridan as the lead character Wade Watts/Parzival. If you haven't seen him in Mud alongside Matthew McConaughey and Joe with Nicholas Cage both are well worth a watch. 

"Anybody order a Loveburger??? WELL DONE."

Have I missed something? Tell me I want to know!!!!

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