This Week's MUST SEE Movies - Film of the Week (09th April 2016)

The one MUST SEE in each category THIS WEEK in ONE PLACE

"Anybody order a Loveburger? WELL DONE."

The Cinema Trip

Midnight Special - Jeff Nichols

Michael Shannon (General Zod if you are a Superman fan) plays father to his 8-year-old son with some pretty extraordinary special powers. We are talking human bomb type powers! This has received nothing but rave reviews so far even if this is probably not going to be everyone's cup of tea. If you like your sci-fi then this one is you with a jumbo cola. Expect cults believing the child to be a messiah type and government agents determined to control the potential power he can use. Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton and Adam Driver star.

The Subtitled One

Dheepan - Jacques Audiard

This french crime drama tells the story of Dheepan, a Sri Lankan Tamil warrior who has fled to Paris following the end of the Sri-Lankan civil war. He must fake his cover story posing with his supposed wife and fake 9-year-old daughter while working as a caretaker in a housing estate that proves just as dangerous. This won the prestigious Palme d'Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and critics have gone bonkers for this. Rotten Tomatoes rating sitting at an incredible 97%. Don't miss this. 

The TV Series

The People v O.J Simpson: American Crime Story (BBC Two) 

The team behind the American Horror Story franchise turns their attention to the events surrounding the O.J Simpson murder trial based on the Jeffrey Toobian novel The Run of his Life: The People v O.J Simpson. This recently aired on FX in the U.S and the last episode is 18th April on BBC Two over here in the U.K so there is still time to rewatch from the beginning and engage in all those office discussions on just how bloody good this show is! The cast is strong in Ross Geller/David Schwimmer as Rob Kardashian (there was fame before Keeping up with the Kardashians) and John Travolta's portrayal of cliché celebrity lawyer Robert Shapiro is spot on.


Bridge of Spies - Steven Spielberg

The Spielberg and Hanks duo have become the peanut butter and Jam sandwich of the movie world (jelly for our US counterparts). When I hear these two are teaming up it's not a question of if but when I go see it, they are the proverbial warm hug. This is their 11th time working together, Band of Brothers, Catch Me If You Can, Saving Private Ryan.. the list goes on. This time, we see another war-themed film however not the on field kind that we have seen in the past. Based on a true story, Hanks must negotiate the exchange of a U.S spy plane pilot for a KGB agent detained in the US. Mark Rylance steals the show with his powerful yet understated performance as Soviet, Rudolf Abel. Another great film from this incredible Hollywood partnership.

The Trailer

The BFG - Steven Spielberg

When the greatest children's author in the world, Roald Dahl gets the big screen treatment, it makes sense that you turn to the master of this genre, Spielberg. From E.T to The Goonies this guy knows how to deliver one film for both children and adults alike. The BFG sees Mark Rylance in the title role with a little help from the guys in the CGI department.  Expect fun for all the family and some deeper more touching moments no doubt. Look out for Bill Hader who continues his march forward into big box office films.

The Star Wars Trailer

Rogue One A Star Wars Story - Gareth Edwards

Yes a SECOND trailer AND yes I did already blog about this trailer earlier in the week. But COME ON MAN It's Star Wars!!!!!! If you missed this being announced around the world on every media format then welcome back I hope the bump on the head heals well. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I don't love this title, sounds a bit like an after school special but that's the only negative thing I have to say. This is a prequel to A New Hope Episode IV, it has the visual cinematography of the late 70's Star Wars but with a fresh even slicker look and feel. We have new stormtroopers (shadowtroopers FYI), new baddies, heroes and heroines (Felicity Jones proving she can play bad ass action hero too) and a Death Star. BRING ON DECEMBER!

The Book

The Martian - Andy Weir

So you saw the film with Matt Damon which was a real surprise in that it was so damn good. And how do you make a film where it is 90% one character in solitary planetary confinement? Make it funny! And they did this to real effect. The original source material in the form of Andy Weir's novel is no exception to this. A funny, "lost in space" thriller (Matt Damon and space are not working out for each other) that will have you cheering as your commuter train announces it is experiencing technical difficulties. 

"Anybody order a Loveburger??? WELL DONE."

Have I missed something? Tell me I want to know!!!!

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